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Friday, February 27, 2009

2nd Annual Gathering in the Desert LOTR GT

I have to say thanks to everyone that came out to play, and a big thank you to the sponsors (Games Workshop, Empire Games, Litko, Castle Kits and AZ hot Shots, if I remember correctly)

My biggest thank you goes to Dean V. and Tim K. for organizing/managing this! All four events they have organized here in the Valley of the Sun have been incredible.

I also wanted to post a huge thank you to the Terrain Makers, the Empire Games Store Staff and all the players who made this event a huge blast to attend! Again!

I also want to send out a special thanks to all my opponents; Jerry Autieri, John Long, Mike Gingold, Kieth Hruska (Denver), and Travis Paul (California).

The games were very challenging and fun, even when I didn't win.

Thanks to Frank Brown and ChrisLS for the interesting ideas on further conversions for my Last Alliance Army. Finally a thanks to Dave "Gandalf's got a popsicle" Bishop (my carpool buddy for the GT) for making the 50 minute trip to and from the event a blast each day.

This year I came in 7th Overall out of 20... Well 19 and a ringer :)

The Battles/Results were:

1st Scenario: Bilbo's Treasure
Opponent: Jerry Autieri (Faramir and the Host of Gondor)
Result: Draw (10 pts w/ 1 Bomus pt for controling the treasure at the end of the game.)

2nd Scenario: Light the Beacons
Opponent: John Long (Knights of Dol Amroth)
Result: Draw (10 pts plus .5 bonus pt for lighting 1 beacon)

3rd Scenario: Look To The East
Opponent: Mike Gingold (Dol Gulder)
Result: Minor Victory (15 Pts)

4th Scenario: The Artifact
Opponent: Kieth Hruska ("Budwieser Knights of the Beer Court")
Result: Minor Loss (7 pts)

5th Scenario: The Last Alliance
Opponent: Travis Paul ("Dain and Balin with Iron and Khazad Guard Dwarves).
Result: Major Victory (20 pts)

Final Battle Points: 63.5

Here is another shot of my "Young Captains of the Last Alliance" Army for the 2nd Annual GitD LOTR GT 2009 (also taken by ChrisLS). The event has come & gone now & it was an awesome event. Some of the toughest competition in LOTR Gaming I have seen.

Looking forward to next years event, as well as trying to figure out how to make a few more of the GT Events this year. Maybe by next year I will actually be able to use my High Elven Cavalry conversions and give you players more of a challenge in the "Sieze the Prize" type scenarios...

I guess if not then I will do a Seven Samurai-esque Elven Captain Army to use the mounted models. Won't win much, but will be a blast to see them on the table!

Till then, "May a star light your path and guide you safely home."

aka Aredhel of Nan Giliath

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