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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High Elven Company

This is the 250 pt High Elven Company that I used at the LOTR Campaign Day at Imperial Outpost Games in Glendale, Arizona on 11 Feb 2007.

The Company consists of a High Elven Captain (Hvy Armor, Shield, Elven Blade), 10 High Elven Spearmen (Hvy Armor, Shield, Spear), and 5 High Elven Bowmen (Hvy Armor, Elven Bow, Elven Blade). The Bowmen are positioned to the side of the formation. This allows them freedom to manuever for the best line-of-sight for shooting early in the battle, and to engage the enemy with Elven Blades without disrupting the spearmens formation.

The Company had 2 Major Victories (MEETING ENGAGEMENT and TAKE AND HOLD) and 1 Major Defeat (ILL-MET BY MOONLIGHT). This Company also won the "Best Painted" award at the Tournament.

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