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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Third, a Marklin Class Destroyer like USS XENOPHON, Captain Garth of Izar's first command during the Four Years War. Still a work in progress, but coming along nicely.
More to come in days ahead.
I've been working on my Star Trek Ship Combat Game some more and want to share some of the artwork I've been putting together for the game:

First, a set of exterior views of the LOKNAR Class Medium Frigate from the old FASA STAR TREK: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME:

This started out using Neal "Vance" Davidson's excellent Star Trek Toolkit images, but ended up having major reworking to more fit with my design aesthetics.

Second, I am also working on adversary ships as well; such as the Klingon D-7 Battle-cruiser from the Original Series.  I couldn't find a toolkit for the Klingon Ships, so I am creating one as I go.  It is done in scale with the Loknar Class and is still a work in progress.

The 3 color scheme is based on the "Roddenberry Model" that was on display in Gene Roddenberry's office during the filming of TOS.  In my game, ships in this color scheme are part of the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces (the IKEF), which are considered the elite of the Klingon Navy, while the more traditional blue-grey color scheme is used by the Klingon Deep Space Fleet (KDSF):

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I've been playing COLD WATERS, a new Sub Sim about the Cold War gone hot.  It comes with a 1968 Campaign, and a 1984 Campaign.  Subs you can command are:

Skipjack Class
Permit Class
Sturgeon Class
Narwhal Class
Los Angeles Class (Flight I).

You can't use the LA Flight II, LA Flight III, or Seawolf Classes as they were not in service in 1984. Players have been wanting these boats since the game release for Beta Testing ON 06/03/2017.

The games maker, Killerfish Games, has said they will be expanding the game, but for now they are concentrating on the height of the Cold War, and polishing the game during the public Beta Test.

The game is billed as the "Spiritual Successor" to Red Storm Rising (the Sub Game based off the Tom Clancy Novel of the same name) from the late 80's.

Anyways, the game is a blast!  Killerfish Games released a detailed instruction set on Modding the game.  Since I am a computer programmer by trade and have an extensive background in U.S. Navy Submarines (espescially the Los Angeles Class) I decided to try my hand at adding the LA Flt II, III, and Seawolf to the game:

Killerfish has not opened the 3D Models to Modding, and so there is no model of the Flt III or Seawolf in the game.  But after doing some research on the models and getting some help from the folks at SUBSIM.COM, I put together a MOD that is set in 2004 and adds the LA II, LA III, and Seawolf, as well as the Russian AKULA and SIERRA II Classes, which greatly benefited from the Toshiba/Konigsberg Scandal.  This was where the two named companies illegally sold high-end computers, software, and advanced milling/fabrication equipment to Russia and basically allowed the Russian Navy to catch up on 10-20 years of submarine quieting technology overnight.

I put the MOD together, and here are some of the screen shors from my 2004 Campaign.

Los Angeles Flt III with Fairwater Planes moved to the Bow and custom Damage Tab.  Based on Killerfish Games in-game LOS ANGELES Flt I model:

Initial Seawolf based on my Los Angeles Flt III with Fairwater Planes moved to the Bow, and custom Damage Tab:.

The following are some shots from the missions in the MOD:

Attack on KIEV after penetrating her escort screen.

KIEV maneuvers and drops decoys...

But no luck.  Torpedo hits!

KIEV wounded but still afloat.

KIEV listing badly.

Another shot as KIEV struggles to get flooding under control.

Another Mk. 48 Torpedo on the way.

KEIV hit, fatally this time.

Finishing off the Replenishment Vessels of the Russian Task Force:

KIEV's ASW Helo's are pissed, and hunt me till low on fuel:

Shot of those pesky ASW Helo's:

Me going deep and creeping away.

Medal for the action.

NATO has established Sea Control of the Area of Operations:

And here is a video of the actual game play of the MOD, expertly played by Jive Turkey, an ST2(SS) (Sonar Tech 2nd Class, Submarine Qualifed) who actually served aboard LOS ANGELES Class Submarines.  His videos are informative and highly entertaining.  If you like Submarine Simulations, or are interested in Submarine, I recomend you subscribe to his YOUTUBE Channel.

Hope you folks enjoy this.

Also, after some thought I decided to upgrade the model of the Seawolf, as it too closely resembles the LA Model it is based on since Killerfish Games has not opened the game for modding of the actual 3D Models.

I have decided to base the Seawolf on Killerfish's Narwhal Class SSN which has the stubbier profile and Sail forward look that more closely matches Seawolf.

Here is the Seawolf Model I put together:

and here is a model of the actual Seawolf :

Visually very similar result, in my opinion.  Until Killerfish actually adds the Seawolf, the above is the best I can do.

Salvo Regards,


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pictures of the INEXORABLE Class Super Star Destroyer, with other Armada Ships for scale:

Here are the First DRAFTs I put together of the Ship Cards for the INEXORABLE Class SSD: