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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Erenion Gil-Galad and the Army of Lindon.

This is Gil-Galad and the Army of Lindon. Lindon was the longest-standing Eldarin Kingdom in Middle Earth, and the mightiest throughout the Second Age. At its height, it was ruled by Erenion Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor, and was the strongest enemy of Sauron in Middle Earth during the Second Age. The realm endured through the Third Age, though diminished after the death of Gil-Galad in the War of the Last Alliance. Lindon was the site of the Grey Havens, where the Elves, as well as the Ring-bearers, sailed into the west to the Undying Lands.

This is the army I took to the 1st Independant LOTR Grand Tournament on July 5th - 6th 2008 in Glendale AZ. The Army won Best Appearance at the event. I also placed 4th in the Tournament. I missed 3rd place general by just 3 points. Really tough competition! All in all a good showing for The Scion of Kings (which is what Erenion means in Elven.)

Here are the results from the 2008 Gathering in the Desert LOTR GT:

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