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Friday, February 27, 2009

My Army for the 2nd Annual GitD LOTR GT

Well, the Gathering in the Desert (Arizona's Independant) LOTR GT has come and gone. Once again I led my High Elves into battle. Above is a picture of the Army (taken by Chris Langland-Shula, one of the competitors at the GitD).

Last year I had placed Fourth overall and won Best Appearence so I knew my Army was basically sound.

Last Years Army:

"The Army of Lindon"
Erenion Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor
1 High Elf Banner (Hvy Armor and Hand Weapon)
7 High Elven Warriors (Hvy Armor and Elven Blade)
18 High Elven Warriors (Hvy Armor, Shield, and Spear)
13 High Elven Warriors (Hvy Armor, Elf Bow, and Hand Weapon)

40 Models, 3 Might, 3 Will, 1 Fate, all Infantry.

My biggest problems last year had been a lack of numbers and a lack of cavalry (Most keenly felt in "Sieze the Prize"). This year I had made some changes to address these issues.

This Years Army:
The Young Captains of the Last Alliance
Armegil of Nan Giliath (High Elf Captain: Hvy Armor Shield, Elven Blade, and Horse)
10 High Elven Warriors (Hvy Armor, Hand Weapon)
10 High Elven Warriors (Hvy Armor, Shield, and Spear)
10 High Elven Warriors (Hvy Armor, Elf Bow, and Hand Weapon)

Camthalion of Numenor (Numenorean Captain: Armor, Shield, Hand Weapon)
8 Warriors of Numenor (Armor, Shield, Hand Weapon)
9 Warriors of Numenor (Armor, Shield, Spear and Hand Weapon)

49 Models, 4 Might, 2 Will, 2 Fate - 1 Mounted model for "speed" scenarios.

No F9 Named Hero (but more might/wounds/fate, and ability to have might two places on the battle field)
Lacks 2-hand option of Elven Blade.
Has 9 less F5 Elves, but adds 17 models with F4 to the list.

I figured I would give this list a try.

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