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Saturday, March 14, 2009

War of the Last Alliance

The following are some shots of my Last Alliance Army. I am really looking forward to the release of War of the Ring in April! I will finally be able to field the entire army on the table and finish the game in less than a whole weekend!

These are some shots using the Movement Trays I have. I have 12 Infantry and 12 cavalry trays, and already all will be used. Since I want to run demos of the WotR once it is released in April I ordered another 18 Infantry and 6 Cavalry Trays from my local Hobby Shop this weekend! After all, the Forces of Sauron the Deceiver will need movement trays as well. :)

Above is a shot of my Elven Cavalry conversions. They will be using the Stats of Galadhrim Knights since it looks like the High Elf Knights will not be included in the War of the Ring Expansion's initial release. (Damnit, my High Elves have been nerfed again! ARRRGHHHH! Sorry, tension breaker. Had to be done. :) )

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Lane said...

Those are some cute dollies dude...